To become a member of the Kingsley Bowmen call Davene Gardner at 541-884-8006 or visit Cascade Outdoors at 7255 S. 6th Street, Klamath Falls, OR.

 STARTING June 2016

Membership $100.00 Per Year.  (Includes all family members living in household under the age of 18)

Military, Law Enforcement, and Fire Fighters Membership $50.00 Per Year.

To include Sportsmans Park memgership add $40 

Associate membersip $35.00 Per Year.   (In order to qualify a person(s) need to live 50 miles or more outside the Klamath Falls city limits, and be a current member of another archery club (normally in home town). A person can be a member of another club from out of the state of Oregon).

Above membership only includes Kingsley Bowmen membership with access into the clubs indoor range. 

 Military Membership

Memberships can be collected at Cascade Outdoors or any board member.

Kingsley Bowmen
PO Box 7622
Klamath Falls, Or 97602